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Our Immigration Law Blog

By The Grotas Firm, PC

7 Important Points About Proposed Immigration Legislation

A group of Eight powerful US Senators and Barack Obama have proposed new sweeping legislative changes to Immigration Law. These changes would fundamentally alter who can receive a green card and how they can go about doing it. There appears to be a few key points from the proposed legislation:

  1. No legislation has been passed yet. As a result, the “new law” does not exist yet. You may be eligible for an immigration benefit under current law.
  2. The proposed legislation will require background checks for criminal history, payment of taxes, learning English and civics, a demonstrated history of work in the United States, as well as a current employment, among other requirements.
  3. There will be a separate program for agricultural workers to receive their green card. This program will be different from non-agricultural workers.
  4. There will be an additional component for strengthening the US-Mexico and US-Canada border.
  5. People who are here illegally may be required to return to their home country in order to receive lawful status.
  6. Enhance the employment-verification system to prevent unauthorized workers.
  7. For those who are in the US illegally, they may be required to wait until everyone who is currently waiting for a green card receives one.

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