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Our Immigration Law Blog

By The Grotas Firm, PC

Judge Sullivan Grants a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus and Builds on Judge Engelmayer’s decision in Strayker v. Jones

Luis Escrogin Lugo v. Aviles Luis Hugo Escrogin was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Immigration Judge held that he could not release him from jail. Mr. Escrogin has been a green card holder since 1997, and has resided in the Bronx, NY.  Despite his numerous health ailments, ICE refused to release […]

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The Grotas Firm Secures the Release of Another Immigrant Through a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus: Brine Cruzeta-Bueno v. Aviles

Brine Cruzeta-Bueno was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and subject to mandatory detention, despite the fact that he was never sentenced to a period of incarceration for his conviction. The federal government argued that Mr. Bueno should be deported, and remain in jail without bail for the entirety of the deportation proceeding. ICE’s […]

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The First District Court Decision Interpreting Chavez-Alvarez

Pichardo v. Aviles The Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) detained Jose Pichardo, a lawful permanent resident, who was living in the United States since his initial entry in 1981.  He has lived in New York City with his U.S. citizen children and extended family for over thirty years.  DHS refused to release Mr. Pichardo and […]

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The Department of Homeland Security can not Incarcerate an Immigrant for More Than One Year without a Bond Hearing

Minto v. Decker Dwayne Minto was in immigration jail for over one year because of two old marijuana convictions and a simple assault conviction for which he was not sentenced to any jail time.  The Department of Homeland Security refused to release him and held that he was subject to mandatory detention.  Why would the […]

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A Solution to the Prolonged Detention of Immigrants with Cases at 201 Varick Street:Young v. Aviles

Young v. Aviles Albert Young has been detained by the Department of Homeland Security for more than eleven (11) months. For many years there were three (3) immigration judges presiding over immigration proceedings at 201 Varick Street. In May of 2015, the Honorable Alan Page retired after serving before the Executive Office of Immigration Review […]

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In switch, Boehner wants to pass House version of immigration BEFORE Senate’s

IMMIGRATION TRACKER — “Boehner begins to sketch immigration plan,” by Politico’s Seung Min Kim and Jake Sherman: “Speaker John Boehner … is beginning to sketch out a road map to try to pass some version of an overhaul in his chamber – a welcome sign for proponents of immigration reform. If his goal is met, […]

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Federal Court Holds that Government Can Not Detain Immigrant for 28 Months

A District Court located in Newark, New Jersey held that it is unreasonable to detain an immigrant for twenty eight (28) months.   The government detained Kelechi Nwozuzu while he was fighting deportation. The District Court held that this lengthy period of detention violated his Fifth Amendment right to due process. For a full copy of the […]

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