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Our Immigration Law Blog

By The Grotas Firm, PC

Immigration Update: Renewal Employment Authorization Cards will no longer be issued.

Under the Trump Administration, all EAD’s will automatically be renewed without the issuance of a new physical card.

In order to be able to legally work in the United States of America, you need to apply for, and receive, an Employment Authorization Card (EAD), A.K.A. a “work permit”. These cards are only valid for a one or two year period, depending on your category.  Many immigration cases can last for five or ten years. Up to this point, people have been able to receive a new EAD card as needed. The failure of the Trump Administration to allow U.S. Immigration Services to issue physical renewal cards creates problems.

People depend on an EAD for three reasons:

  1. To prove to employers that they are allowed to work legally in the United States. Without it, employers will have difficulty with I-9 verification. This could lead to issues for employers who are trying to comply with the law. In turn, employers face penalty for failing to check an employee’s EAD.
  2. To receive a Driver’s License. It is impossible to receive a driver’s license without valid proof of immigration status (ie. EAD). An immigrant must present their physical EAD card at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Without a renewal EAD, an immigrant cannot renew his driver’s license.
  3. To renew a social security card. An immigrant can only receive a social security card in the period of time during which their EAD is valid. Without the card, the U.S. Social Security Administration may not renew an immigrant’s social security card.