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By The Grotas Firm, PC

Tentative Deal Reached on Border Security Which Is a Key Part of Immigration Reform

Last night Senators reached a tentative deal on new border security measures which may allow immigration reform. This deal would 700 more miles of fences across the border and double the number of border agents. This deal could pave the way for more Senators to support bill.

Border security is one of the big snags in passing immigration reform. Conservative senators complain that the border is not secure enough. They are unwilling to pass reform until it is.

Make Your Voice Heard

1. Require use of lapel cameras on all border enforcement agents to protect against excessive force or other unlawful agent conduct;

2. Grant newly-established Border Task Force subpoena power to ensure adequate oversight and accountability

3. Include Leahy Amendment 1410, which reforms 100 mile rule by limiting Border Patrol powers without a warrant to a 25 mile zone and 10 miles for private property. This will keep agents at the actual border as opposed to policing border communities as they currently do.”

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