My Firm Works Towards a Singular Purpose:
To Keep Families Together

How My Firm Helps

My main goal is to ensure that a father is home to put his kids to sleep at night and that a mother is home to wake her kids in the morning for school. I realize the devastating effects that deportation can have on a family when a mother, father, son, or daughter is taken away from the family.

  • We outline your best options when it comes to obtaining or maintaining residency – The immigration process can be complicated and confusing. We will help you obtain the right visa, achieve permanent residency, and even get you or a loved one out of jail.
  • Unmatched expertise – To date I have personally taken on more than 500 cases, helping people like you obtain residency in the United States and avoid deportation.
  • We will do whatever it takes – We treat our clients like family and work hard to deliver you the representation that your case demands.

What to Expect

I work with our clients one on one to ensure that I clearly understand your situation and the best path forward.

As each situation is unique, it is important that we sit down for a consultation to determine your needs and the most appropriate path forward.

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